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"Active Members" may be working members of the media, whose regular duties and job responsibilities include the coverage or reporting on the automotive industry, or freelancers who have published automotive-related material at least five (5) times during the twelve (12) month period prior to the application dates. Freelance applicants must have a minimum of two media outlets represented in the five published items submitted.

Active Members may include those out-of-state automotive journalists whose material is regularly published or broadcast and whose regular duties include reporting on the automotive industry.

"Associate Members" are those who work regularly with the automotive industry such as analysts, public relations personnel, manufacturer's representatives and media outlet management, executives or principals. "Associate Members" and their immediate family members may attend association events but may not drive industry vehicles. They must attend events at their own expense and may do so at the association group rate for rooms and meals, if space is available.

A new or renewal application for "Active Member" must include:


Examples of work generated in five (5) websites, magazines, newspapers or tear sheets with different dates of publication and having been published during the twelve (12) months prior to the application date. If applying as a freelance journalist, the five (5) examples of published material must come from at least two (2) different media outlets. These examples must show applicant's byline or credit line, name and date of publication.


Audio CDs or video tapes/DVDs with programs having aired on five (5) different broadcast dates. A letter must accompany these on station letterhead from the General Manager or Program Director attesting to the date of airing.


The website URL must be included with the application. Websites must be news and information sites or automotive blogs that update content in a timely manner.

No shared bylines will be accepted in any circumstances.

If mailed via U.S. postal service or other delivery services, membership applications, credentials requirements and dues payments must be included in one package and mailed to the address on the application. No membership materials will be accepted at TAWA events or any other time. They must be e-mailed or "snail-mailed."

Membership renewals begin in November and end Dec. 31. The deadline to be included in the printed Membership Directory and receive a membership card is Dec. 31. Dues are for a given calendar year and are not prorated.

Individuals must be certified as "Active Members" no less than thirty (30) days prior to the annual Texas Auto Roundup and Texas Truck Rodeo in order to participate at these events. No membership applications will be accepted within thirty (30) days prior to these events.

Membership applications are submitted using online forms. The application must list two sponsors who are current members of the Texas Auto Writers Association; one of the sponsors may be an associate member. The application must be accompanied by all required documentation. Sponsors are to provide a letter of recommendation directly to the First Vice President -- Membership. New-member applications will not be reviewed until the two letters of recommendation are received. 

If the applicant's membership is approved, she or he will receive an electronic payment request for the appropriate dues and/or fees.

A past-due fee of $25 will be applied to any membership renewal between Jan. 1-31. 

Any member who fails to renew by Jan. 31 must apply as a new member, meet the requirements for new members and pay the initiation fee.


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